Pony Poop 2018


The Third Annual $5,000 Pony Poop!
Hands & Hooves Riding, Rescue & Rehabilitation

Here’s How We Do It:

    • 100 squares chalked out in a paddock in the back yard, as diagrammed below.
    • Ginger is turned out at 1:45p.

  • Wherever Ginger “goes” wins $2,500!
  • Each square in the grid below is sold twice, resulting in $5,000 in total earnings!*

Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 at noon; Pony Poop is at 1:45p!
34W176 Army Trail Road, Wayne, IL 60184
Choose and Pay for Your Squares!
Each square is $100, and can be purchased twice!

Based on where Ginger “goes”, one, single, sole judge — David Hallenbeck — will determine the winning square. There will only be one winning square.

*If there are unsold squares, the winnings will be pro-rated from the sum total collected. The Pony Poop payout will be a pro-rata share of the squares sold.  The maximum payout per entry is $2,500 based on all 200 squares being purchased (each square twice).  Each payout will be equal to 12.5% of total square purchases.  If the square selected was only purchased once, the second 12.5% payout will go to Hands & Hooves.

Pony Poop 2018 Sponsorships Available!


$250 – A listing on our website and Facebook page; as well as a 2’ x 4’ banner at the event

$500 – All of the above items; with a 3’ x 6’ banner and table/tent for promotional materials

$1,000 – All of the above items ; with a 4′ x 8′ banner, table/tent for promotional materials and special recognition before and after the main event!


All sponsors will be listed on our website and our Facebook page.